EVERLIGHT’s 3D Automotive Taillight Winning “Innovation Award” at Taipei AMPA

Article By : Everlight

New taillight tech scores awards at Taiwan's premier auto parts show

Shulin, New Taipei City – April 10, 2018 – EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., attended the Taipei AMPA to demonstrate new products for automotive and win the “Innovation Award” at electronic end products and parts group with 3D automotive taillight.

In order to meet the public’s expectation on the taillight shape and effect, we demonstrated 3D automotive taillight. The technology was designed with the special structures of optics and geometric distributions of LED, which can change the emitting angles of LED to present the different effects on 3D display. Different from traditional taillight with direct emission, our 3D Taillight with stereoscopic lines and patterns visually presented the attractive appearance, which the durability performance and cost advantage were better than those for OLED3D as well as in compliance with ECE R6 and R7. Therefore, our 3D Taillight won the “Innovation Award” at Taipei AMPA on account of possessing brilliant appearance and fine performance. The design concepts for taillight from automotive manufacturers and the requirements of LED wattage varied, yet, the 3D technology developed by EVERLIGHT would not be limited by LED wattage (0.2W, 0.5W and 1W), which can be designed for rear driving lights, rear brake lights, and rear blinkers to meet all application requirements.

EVERLIGHT has been devoted to develop LED components for automotive about a decade, expecting not only to extend the production lines but also continuously develop high-tech and high-quality products. Aside from satisfying the requirements from the automotive manufacturers’ customers, we also offer the convenient and safe driving environment for drivers and pedestrians.

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