2-port Ethernet switch interfaces to any processor

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The fido5000 allows easier incorporation of a single Industrial Ethernet interface that supports multiple protocols in any application, according to Analog Devices.

Analog Devices has added a real-time Ethernet, multi-protocol (REM) switch chip to its line-up of Ethernet connectivity products for connected motion and intelligent factor applications.

The fido5000 REM switch, developed by Analog Devices's Deterministic Ethernet Technology Group (formally Innovasic), is a 2-port embedded Ethernet switch that interfaces to any processor including ARM CPUs and ADI’s ADSP-SC58x, ADSP-2158x and ADSP-CM40x motion control processors. The protocols it supports include PROFINET RT/IRT, EtherNet/IP with beacon-based DLR, ModbusTCP, EtherCAT, SERCOS and POWERLINK. Cycle times below 125µs are easily achievable and the chip comes with drivers to simplify integration with any Industrial Ethernet protocol stack, according to the company.

For intelligent factory applications, the fido5000 can be integrated with any processor, any protocol and any stack making it easy to incorporate a single Industrial Ethernet interface that supports multiple protocols in any application. The fido5000 is “TSN-ready,” paving the way for future-proof applications as Industrial Ethernet protocols evolve to the upcoming TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) standards.

AnalogDevices_Fido5000_block (cr)
Figure 1: Fido5000 block diagram (Source: Innovasic)

The REM switch comes with a software driver for each protocol that provides an API for integration with any field device or controller stack.

Samples of the fido5000 are available now with full production scheduled for September 2017. Price for each device (144 BGA) starts at $6 per 1,000-unit orders.

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