3 critical considerations for a restaurant POS system

Article By : Clientron

Clientron's POS-PT2610 is an all-in-one POS for restaurants, with a 15.6" wide touchscreen, an optional integrated thermal printer, and multiple USB ports.

Remember the “cha-ching” of old cash registers? Well, point-of-sale (POS) systems nowadays handle many functions beyond the humble cash register’s expectations. Restaurant POS systems must now handle various regular computer software and the payment processing and cash management necessary for a standard POS. Being adaptable is critical for restaurant POS systems to support all the additional features needed to operate various eateries.

Making the system capable of general use requires a little more than installing a generic operating system and hoping everything turns out well. The primary function is still to operate as a retail POS system, but with that little extra to open up the possibility of other functions. Here are three of the essentials.

Wide Screen

When was the last time you saw a 4:3 computer screen? Yep, it’s been a while. Although desktop computers, laptops, and even home TVs adopted wider screens years ago, POS systems have continued to use square screens simply because they didn’t need anything fancier. As single-purpose systems, they often use customized software and hardware that ties businesses into using a single provider’s package.

Operating a modern restaurant is more complex than simply taking and processing orders, but having multiple computers to perform different tasks adds unnecessary complexity. General use computers have become sufficiently capable and reliable for dedicated operations, like POS, while still allowing multitasking traditionally performed by a desktop computer. A wider screen provides the screen real estate essential for simultaneous POS and general computer use, allowing businesses to utilize a single, more capable machine for multitasking POS operations.

The POS-PT2610’s 15.6” FHD display, with projected capacitive touch, provides all the extra space needed for multitasking chores. It has a bezel-free touch display that gives a clean, unobstructed view and intuitive touch capability to the screen’s very edge.

Thermal Printer

What? Paper? So 20th century. Whether or not you think digital is the way to go, paper is here to stay for now. The accepted solution is to use a standalone thermal printer to print receipts, but generally, they look clunky and take up more counter space, derailing our efforts to achieve a clean and polished look.

The integrated thermal printer takes that cumbersome addon and makes it a part of the stand. Using the space below the screen and in front of the regular stand, it reclaims wasted space to put the thermal printer in an easy-to-reach position while keeping it pretty much out of sight and still allowing easy changing of the printer paper.

Technician- and Server-Friendly

Maintaining a POS system is challenging for computer technicians because touch displays provide only a rough interface to interact with operating system features. They need a keyboard and mouse to make system changes and install the software, but those aren’t usually installed as standard on a POS. That’s why the POS-PT2610 has six easily accessible USB ports for plugging in a USB keyboard, mouse, and USB stick, making it easy to perform system maintenance and install the software.

For the restaurant operator, having strong passwords on all computers provides a necessary security layer that keeps sensitive information safe from prying eyes. However, for servers and staff, a day filled with repeatedly entering their password can get quite tiresome, and many will resort to weak passwords, erasing much of the benefit of having a password in the first place. That’s where the optional camera that supports facial recognition with Windows Hello comes in. It allows registered users to login effortlessly, making day-to-day use easier while still maintaining system security.

POS-PT2610 — Premium Multitasking Restaurant POS

Boasting all the features above, the POS-PT2610 is a capable, all-in-one POS for restaurants, with a 15.6″ wide touchscreen, an optional integrated thermal printer, multiple USB ports, and various other extras. The POS-PT2610 has all the deliciousness of a regular POS, with a sprinkling of scrumptious extra toppings to bake it to perfection.

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