4Mbit ReRAM reads using 0.2mA

Article By : Fujitsu

Fujitsu claims the MB85AS4MT is not only the highest density ReRAM but that it consumes the least power for read operations in NV memory. That's good news for wearables.

Fujitsu Semiconductor has teamed up with Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions to develop a 4Mbit ReRAM product, the MB85AS4MT, an SPI-interface ReRAM product that operates with a wide range of power supply voltage, from 1.65V to 3.6V.

The MB85AS4MT features a small average current in read operations of 0.2mA at a maximum operating frequency of 5MHz. It is optimal for battery operated wearable devices and medical devices such as hearing aids, which require high density and low power consumption electronic components.

It offers a low power consumption for read operations in non-volatile memory. The package is a 209mil 8-pin small outline package (SOP), pin-compatible with other non-volatile memory products such as EEPROM.

Aside from hearing devices, Fujitsu Semiconductor expects that the MB85AS4MT will also be used in IoT devices such as meters and sensors.

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