5 Tips for Secure Online Projects

Article By : Erric Ravi

Of course, you must have a strong password set in place, but there are other steps you can take. How often do you back up your data, for instance?

Any work that you do online, whether it’s personal or business related, must be properly secured and protected.

Of course, you must have a strong password set in place, but there are other steps you can take. How often do you back up your data, for instance? Is your wireless network protected and secured, properly? Do you know the steps you need to take in order to do this? What about setting up firewalls and endpoint security?

Strong passwords

The strength of your passwords will impact the likelihood that hackers are able to get access to your online work. Thus, you should ensure that what you come up with is a combination of letters and numbers alike.

Why not switch your passwords around every couple of months as well?

Backing up your data

How often do you currently back up your data? Whether you place it on the cloud, an external hard drive, use a USB or another method, you want to ensure that you safeguard all of your online projects in the event of a cyber security issue or even a computer malfunction.

Protecting your wireless network

If your wireless network is not properly secured and protected, there is a high likelihood that someone will be able to intercept it and access all of your confidential files. All of a sudden, any online project that you have been working on will be under jeopardy.

One of the first steps that you should take to secure your wireless network is to come up with a strong password and rename the router, but also you should secure everything with a WPA2 encryption. This will be much harder to crack and will add an additional layer of protection to your network.

Setting up firewalls

A firewall is often seen as one of the first lines of defense against prospective hackers, and it works to protect your network security. You will need to follow all of the latest configurations and double check that everything is set up properly.

Endpoint security

First, be familiar with what endpoint security is in the first place. These are the steps that you take in order to protect your computer network, particularly those that can be accessed through a remote connection. Endpoint security secures these ends so that there isn’t a potential security breach occurring on these connective paths. For the latest in up to date, expert endpoint security, visit mcafee who will work with you to provide the best defense for your data.

Of course, a team of experts can always effectively work to protect your computer networks, as they are proficient in setting up the best security programs.

Although it’s true that you may never face a cybersecurity attack, you also never know when one may happen. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and the precautionary measures outlined here all serve to help limit the chances of something bad happening.

The steps are simple to follow and even simpler to enact, so why not safeguard your confidential data? You don’t want to deal with the hassle of identity theft or having your credit card information stolen.

— Erric Ravi is an entrepreneur, speaker & the founder of SEOexpertnow.

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