5G test toolset targets devices that use MIMO

Article By : Susan Nordyk

Keysight’s S8707A 5G Advanced Performance Test Toolset enables end-to-end 5G wireless device testing.

Keysight’s S8707A 5G Advanced Performance Test Toolset targets devices that use MIMO and massive MIMO technology to increase data throughput and improve network capacity. The toolset includes the company’s Propsim FS16 or F64 channel emulator, UXM 5G wireless test platform, and 3D OTA multiprobe anechoic chambers. It also supports test cases specified by the 3GPP for MIMO OTA testing in study item TR38.827.

Keysight PR photo of the Advanced Performance Test system

Using common logging, analysis, and channel modeling tools, the S8708A enables chipset and device makers, as well as test houses and mobile operators, to validate beam management, MIMO antenna performance, and maximum data throughput of a 5G device across different massive MIMO configurations and 3D special fading conditions. Engineers have access to geometric channel models with high-capacity fading options and 3GPP test cases across frequency range 1 (FR1) and frequency range 2 (FR2). Additionally, the S8708A allows users to verify how a device performs by stressing the design in a 3D OTA test environment that uses multibeam technology and multiple angles-of-arrival to create accurate and realistic conditions.

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