65W modules deliver up to 54V programmable output

Article By : GE

The BoostLynx converters can deliver full power in just 318 square millimetres and at 85°C temperature.

Intended to free up space, GE's new low- and high-voltage BoostLynx DC-DC step-up converters allow power architects and board designers to design in the negative space.

In addition to powering RFPAs in small-cell applications, BoostLynx converters simplify power supply for 16-54V loads like actuators, solenoid valves, cameras, fans, operational amplifiers and sensors often needed in automatic test equipment, LED backlighting, surveillance equipment, low-power machinery (locks, vending machines, dispensers, fluid control), audio applications and robotics.

The BoostLynx converters can deliver full power in just 318 square millimetres and at temperatures of up to 85°C, making them ideal for space-constrained and conduction-cooled applications—for example, those in thermally demanding operating conditions with little or no airflow (such as RRH). The small footprint of the BoostLynx modules enables a power density of 20.4W per centimetre squared.

Additional features of the new BoostLynx DC-DC step-up converters include programmable output voltages of 16-34V or 32-54V via an external resistor and the ability to reduce the required output capacitance needed to reach target transient response with Tunable Loop technology.

GE’s new ABXS001 and ABXS002 BoostLynx converters are available with pricing beginning at $13.17 and $12.31, respectively, at original equipment manufacturer quantities.

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