2020-10-20- Mark Richardson and Andrew Banks

Development practices and tools can prevent coding errors

Software complexity in embedded designs is driving the need for better development practices and tools to avoid coding errors

2020-10-19- Brian Dipert

Apple introduces its new Watch, iPhone, and tablets

Has Apple moved away from its longstanding simplicity stance with its latest product updates?

2020-10-16- Ron Stull, CUI Inc.

Be sure power adapter designs comply with efficiency, EMC requirements

Power adapter designs must comply with energy efficiency standards and EMC compliance requirements.

2020-10-15- Brian Holden and Paul Wilson

Retimers becoming the signal conditioner of choice

As data rates have gone above 10 Gbps, the adequacy of redrivers has abated across many applications, and retimers are…

2020-10-14- Giles Kirkland

Intelligent tires implement connectivity to boost safety

Vehicle tires implement connectivity via 5G and IoT links to boost safety and support ADAS and autonomous car features.


Study of fiber weave effect on PCB with 3DEM modelling