2020-09-30- Yajie Qiu and Peter Di Maso

Measure cross conduction in GaN-based power supplies

This easy and cost-effective method to measure cross conduction uses the unique characteristics of GaN transistors.

2020-09-29- Brian Dipert

Obsolescence by design case studies

"Obsolescence by design" encompasses not only hardware and software flaws in devices but also suppliers' reticence to fix them.

2020-09-28- Keith Felton

A new approach to IC packaging design

IC packaging needs a new approach for design and verification at all levels to enable designers to manage processes in…

2020-09-25- Bill Schweber

Spade lugs and screw terminals eliminate wiring rat’s nest

Completely redoing wiring with old-fashioned, low-tech connectors may sometimes be the smartest decision...

2020-09-24- David Adeeb

Wireless charging for EVs could aid adoption

Wireless charging technologies for electric vehicles could deliver ‘power on the go’ and bring an end to range anxiety.

2020-09-23- Richard Quinnell

End-to-end security remains a challenge in IoT development

Ensuring end-to-end security of data flow in the IoT remains an essential, and still unsolved, challenge that is hindering development.


Ray tracing levels aims for clarity with imaging graphics SoCs