Achieve half-duplex voice comms over BLE

Article By : Maurizio Gentili, Roberto Sannino, Matteo Petracca, STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics shows how you can implement BlueVoice, a speech streaming application for BLE devices.

Bluetooth Low Energy is widely considered an enabling technology in the envisioned Internet of Things (IoT) scenario. In fact, its extremely low-power characteristics make it one of the most suitable solutions to enable wireless communications among battery powered IoT objects.

Although Bluetooth Low Energy specifications are nowadays targeted to a specific set of applications, innovative solutions can lead to the adoption of such technology in different applications, such as multimedia streaming. In this direction, this article presents BlueVoice, a speech streaming application for Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

BlueVoice is presented by first detailing the services set extension needed to support the voice streaming service, then the application is described by evaluating its performance in real devices. Thanks to the application design choices, the application fully support voice streaming services while avoiding energy wasting… download the full application note »

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