Actuator provides 4ms haptic feedback, lowers load

Article By : TDK

TDK’s PiezoHapt actuator features unimorph enabling technology to adapt to temperature and shape challenges.

TDK has launched the PiezoHapt actuator featuring a response time of 4ms. PiezoHapt has a unimorph design consisting of a multilayer piezo element bonded to one side of a vibration plate. PiezoHapt represents a power-saving system differing from conventional solutions.

[TDK PiezoHapt actuator fig1 (cr)]
Figure 1: With a 0.35mm thickness, the haptic actuator is thinner than conventional eccentric rotary motors and linear resonant actuators.

The actuator can be driven with low voltages of ≤24V and can produce a wide variety of vibration patterns, depending on the amplitude and frequency of the voltage applied. The PHUA8060-35A-33-000 type has a vibration plate footprint of 80mm x 60mm. At a frequency of 200Hz and voltage of 24V peak, the component offers a typical displacement of 55µm. PiezoHapt is an ideal component for providing haptic feedback to user actions in the displays of smartphones and tablets.

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