AI is now helping the Japanese relocate

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An automatically evolving AI is trained on the preferences of users seeking to relocate.

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest among the Japanese in relocating from urban areas to the countryside. One of the popular locations is Itoshima, which enjoys easy access to Fukuoka City.

But because Itoshima City is quite large, there are concerns that opportunities will be lost due to a mismatch in the day-to-day information presented to people seeking to relocate, who have a variety of different needs, or that people seeking to relocate will feel greater uncertainty because of a lack of information. In this situation, there is a need to build a system that will reliably provide people looking to move with the day-to-day information they desire.

This is why the Fujitsu Social Mathematics Joint Research Unit within the Institute of Mathematics for Industry at Kyushu University, Itoshima City in Fukuoka Prefecture and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. teamed up to conduct a joint field trial that, using a form of artificial intelligence that automatically evolves to gradually learn human preferences, seeks to match people wanting to relocate to Itoshima to appropriate candidate locations within the city.

In the field trial designed to help match potential new residents to candidate locations within Itoshima, automatically evolving AI is trained on the preferences of users seeking to relocate. It presents, based on those preferences, day-to-day information on such locations that are deemed appropriate for the user, and then seeks to provide appropriate matches through an iterative process in which the user rates the locations presented.

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__Figure 1:__ *Field Trial Overview (Source: Fujitsu)*

Rather than the AI system simply presenting optimal locations to those seeking to relocate, it will also convey to city officials the preferences gathered, and will thereby play a mediating role in the ultimate discussions between potential residents and city officials, with the aim of using AI in a way that is broadly accepted.

Through the trial, the parties seek to develop AI that takes social acceptance into consideration and to build a system for matching people wanting to relocate with locations where they will feel a high level of satisfaction. Fujitsu Laboratories plans to use the results of the field trial to further improve its automatically evolving AI and bring it into practical implementation in fiscal 2017 as a new technology in Human Centric AI Zinrai, Fujitsu Limited's AI technology.

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