AI Powered Safety Booster

Article By : EverFocus Electronics

EverFocus’ AI powered prison solution integrates management platforms via liaising the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, Microsoft® Azure™ IoT cloud platform and the latest technologies

Prisons often need to integrate multiple technologies to improve its security and stability. In order to level up the prison’s overall alarm accuracy as well as accident prevention efficiency, reaction immediacy and event analysis, EverFocus present you a whole new AI powered security solution for prison.

Comprehensive Security Measures

EverFocus provides customized system integration under request. Whether is to link CCTV to access control for routine patrol or to combine line crossing detection with digital map/geographical fence to prevent prison break, EverFocus is at all ears and awaiting your call.

Multiple Linkage Mechanism

Various integrated subsystems are linked together. With our Central Management Software (CMS) and AiO NVR Software, when an event occurs in the prison, the prison command center can not only receive front-end alarm information on the security integration platform in real time, but also link the front-end image to the screen wall through the pre-set linkage mechanism, video storage device, broadcast announcement, audio/visual alarm, GPS tracking with digital map positioning, monitoring and recording, voltage increase of perimeter grid, access lockdown, text message sending to personnel in charge, and related personnel prompts, etc., to realize the real-time view/playback/ data storage and allows a much quicker reaction and rapid support of backup force.

EverFocus’ AI powered prison solution integrates management platforms via liaising the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, Microsoft® Azure™ IoT cloud platform and the latest technologies; hence, the information databases of prisons, criminals, and police stations can be well synchronized and coordinated effectively.

Effective Event Management & Auto-Report

That is, thanks to system integration, once the prison .command center receives an alarm, the on-call officers will be able to verify directly when, where, and what triggers the alarm through real-time playback, confirm the emergency level, and to react accurately.

In case where the prison command center is not responding to the alarm, with pre-set auto-report mode, the superior command center and police station nearby will be informed with SMS text or email contact. In serious cases, it can also be forwarded to the local prison administration and special service squadrons.

Overall Accident Prevention

EverFocus’ total solution for prison is composed by NDAA* compliant cameras with Intel® Core™/ NVIDIA® JNX™ based processor and Microsoft® Azure IoT cloud platform; with additional embedded AI module, accident prevention within the prison can be largely improved.

Incidents such as fire alarm, prison break, riot or violent activities can be detected with help of AI video analytics; by detecting and analyzing human behavior and posture, incidents can be noticed and forwarded to prison command center at the first place for quick reaction and achieve the goal of accident prevention.

Data Backup & Analysis

By storing data in the cloud platform, prisons can access to a more complete database regarding criminal behavior, daily operation condition, and infrastructure maintenance and so on. This not only facilitates administrative and executive management, boost operation efficiency, collected data can also be seen as elements for investigation or be referred to the generation of new management measures.

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