All-in-one Development Kit Powers Gen-Z Ecosystem

Article By : SMART Modular

All-in-one compact system provides for development and testing of Gen-Z in-band management and fabric manager software from any PC workstation...

SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. announced its Gen-Z Micro Development Kit (μDK), the industry’s smallest and easiest to use solution for the development and testing of Gen-Z in-band management and fabric manager software.

Gen-Z is a high-speed fabric protocol which uses existing 802.3 or PCIe PHY infrastructure for accessing a disaggregated memory pool that resides on a different rack or server. SMART Modular’s Gen-Z µDK is a compact standalone hardware platform designed to enable early adopters of Gen-Z protocol to design beyond the boundaries of software-defined or hardware-assisted acceleration framework. It also allows them to explore the full capabilities of Gen-Z protocol for Memory-Driven Computing (MDC) applications.

“The Gen-Z interconnect standard for rack-scale and hyper-scale computing systems is helping to boost performance, increase efficiency and lower costs,” said Mike Rubino, vice president of worldwide engineering at SMART Modular Technologies. “Gen-Z provides for heterogeneous computing and the composability of compute and storage modules. SMART Modular’s new Gen-Z μDK enables the development of Linux operating system and fabric manager software as well as memory-driven computing (MDC) load-store Gen-Z software applications — which will accelerate the adoption and implementation of Gen-Z fabric computing systems.”

SMART Modular’s μDK includes both hardware and software components for the Gen-Z Host and Gen-Z Device and will run end-to-end memory load-store accesses on a Gen-Z fabric out of the box. SMART Modular is offering a limited number of the specialized Gen-Z µDK, so orders are first come, first served.

“SMART Modular’s initiative in creating this dev kit demonstrates their commitment to the industry and their continued work toward furthering the Gen-Z ecosystem,” said Kurtis Bowman, president of the Gen-Z Consortium. “SMART’s productization of the U.2 DRAM module, the EDSFF DRAM module, and now SMART’s Gen-Z μDK enables the industry to optimize software that supports remote and tiered memory.”

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