Allegro extends safety apps on industrial motors

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Allegro's A1338 0° to 360° angular position sensor device adds more muscles for heavy-duty vehicles.

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Based on patented Circular Vertical Hall (CVH) technology, Allegro Microsystems has launched two new 0° to 360° angle sensor ICs that provide contactless high-resolution angular position information—the A1337 and A1338.

Allegro's A1338 angle sensor IC has been developed according to the automotive quality requirements of TS 16949 and contains features targeted for automotive safety applications.

[Allegro A1338 product image (cr)]
Figure 1: The Allegro A1338 angle sensor IC.

[Allegro A1338 functional block diagram (cr)]
Figure 2: The Allegro A1338 is also well suited for industrial motor position sensing applications that require high accuracy and minimal latency as well.

The A1338 is designed with safety critical application requirements that include user controlled on-chip logic built-in self-test (L-BIST) and full signal path diagnostics to enable customers to determine if the IC is operating in a proper manner.

The A1338 supports a Low RPM mode for slower rate applications and a High RPM mode for high-speed applications. High RPM mode is for applications that require higher refresh rates to minimise error due to latency. Low RPM mode is for applications that require higher resolution operating at lower angular velocities.

[Allegro A1338 packages (cr)]
Figure 3: The Allegro A1338 is available in single and dual SoCs.

The A1338 is available in single-die 14-pin TSSOP and a dual-die 24-pin TSSOP. Both packages are lead (Pb) free with 100% matte-tin leadframe plating.

[Allegro A1338 specs table (cr)]
Figure 4: The Allegro A1338 specs table.

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