Altium Designer 17 update adds routing tool

Article By : Altium

ActiveRoute enables designers to guide their routes across the entire board in minutes.

Electronics design attracts engineers with a deeply ingrained passion for the creative process, yet most of their time is spent outside that realm. The latest version of the Altium Designer 17 allows engineers to shift their focus back to creating designs, as evident with ActiveRoute.

ActiveRoute enables designers to interactively guide their routes across the entire board in minutes, allowing them more time to perfect their designs and come up with creative solutions to issues that arise during development. Coupled with the automated documentation technology in Draftsman, designers have the opportunity to bring innovation to the forefront by accurately communicating design intent the first time.

“PCB designers continue to be confronted with time-consuming interactive routing challenges,” said Charles Pfeil, Senior Product Manager at Altium. “With ActiveRoute, we’ve pushed routing technology into a new frontier by providing complete user control and flexibility for high quality routing in a small fraction of the time.”

The tools introduced in Altium Designer 17 are available now as a free upgrade for existing Altium subscription customers on the Altium downloads page.

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