ARTERY AT32F4212 powers high-speed brushless motor hair dryer

Article By : Artery Technology

Integrating rich peripheral interface, Artery's AT32F4212 series MCUs uses sensorless FOC vector control together with the latest motor control algorithm to give a fast response to the speed control signals.

With the continuous improvement of consuming capability and modern industrial technologies, the hair dryer market has entered the stage of developing green-oriented, efficient and multi-functional products to meet the growing demands for better hair dryers. Traditional hair dryers are driven by AC motors with limited service life and high power consumption, which brings on inconvenience for maintenance and fails to meet requirements of the new generation of consumers.

By contrast, high speed hair dryers have elaborate appearance and well-designed with lower noise and less drying time with minimal heat damage, which makes them popular and to be the tendency of upgrade and iteration.

The airflow speed of a hair dryer is determined by motor speed. Traditional air dryers are driven by AC motors that operate at a maximum speed of 20,000rpm, and generate heat by internal heating wires, which brings on heat damage to hair. High speed air dryers are driven brushless motors that operate at a speed of more than 100,000rpm, generate high speed airflows to dry hair rapidly without excessive heat, and have lower noise, faster airflows, better hair care effect and less drying time compared with ordinary hair dryers.

ARTERY AT32F4212-based High Speed Air Dryer

In response to the new trend of hair dryer market, Artery Technology has launched an up to 120,000rpm high speed air dryer application program that uses sensorless FOC vector control together with the latest motor control algorithm developed by Artery to give a fast response to the speed control signals so as to set up a new target speed. This program can control the speed steadily when the load changes greatly, and has advantages of small torque fluctuation, high efficacy, low noise and fast dynamic response.

As the core part that drives air dryers, high speed motor requires technological breakthroughs to make progress of this industry, where MCU, as the core of motor driver control, is the key of high-performance drivers.

The value-line AT32F4212 series MCU is used for high speed air dryers, which is based on ARM Cortex-M4 core at a frequency of up to 120MHz, with efficient algorithm and high control precision, and features high-frequency and high-resolution PWM to keep the motor running efficiently and stably with low vibration so as to offer a better user experience.

AT32F4212 series MCUs integrates rich peripheral interface, one embedded comparator and two operational amplifiers (OPA), which can simplify the circuit design, effectively reduce the volume and weight of air dryer and lower material cost. It provides better operational and cost performance than MCUs based on Cortex-M0.

Advantages of ARTERY AT32F4212

  • ARM Cortex-M4 with 120MHz maximum frequency for fast FOC algorithm and current regulation
  • Built-in high-performance dual operational amplifiers (OPA) to simplify circuits and reduce cost
  • Incorporate an comparator for overcurrent protection
  • High-frequency and high-resolution PWM
  • Advanced timer generates multi-channel complementary PWM outputs to drive the power module
  • ADC regular and injected mode to realize accurate current detection


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