ASSP demo platform offers video bridging capability

Article By : Lattice Semiconductor

With the MIPI D-PHY device, CrossLink ASSP platforms adopt mobile interface technology to optimise cameras and displays with multi-I/O options.

Lattice Semiconductor has released three new CrossLink intellectual property (IP) and two new CrossLink demonstration platforms showcasing MIPI DSI to LVDS and CMOS to MIPI CSI-2 in line with its Lattice CrossLink programmable ASSP (pASSP) solutions to enable new video bridging capabilities.

The CrossLink I/O landscape offers designers performance, power efficiency and compact bridging solutions. Applications of the CrossLink product features interface conversion, merging and mixing of image sensors, application processors and displays.

By optimising and leveraging IP and development platforms, along with additional resources, Lattice simplifies bridging applications by combining the flexibility and productivity of an FPGA with the power and functional optimisation of an ASSP.

[Lattice Semiconductor 4to1 MIPICSI Block Diagram fig1 (cr)]
Figure 1: One CrossLinkpASSP IP platform feature is its 4:1 MIPI CSI-2 camera aggregator bridge allowing four CSI-2 cameras to be connected to a single CSI-2 interface on the processor.

CrossLink pASSP IP platform features:

  • One input to one output MIPI CSI-2 camera interface bridge enables better connectivity and improved signal integrity over connectors, large PCBs and flex cabling. It also provides programmability for data packet repair or additional packet transmissions.
  • One input to two output MIPI CSI-2 camera splitter bridge enables video data from a single image sensor to go to two sources.
  • 4:1 MIPI CSI-2 camera aggregator bridge allows four CSI-2 cameras to be connected to a single CSI-2 interface on the processor. Two image sensors are merged together in a left/right format. A GPIO pin can then multiplex between the two sets of merged image sensors.

CrossLink pASSP demonstration platform features:

  • CMOS to MIPI CSI-2 Camera Bridging Demonstration
  • Connects a popular image sensor with MIPI DPI CMOS-type pixel bus to the CSI-2 input on the application processor
  • MIPI DSI to LVDS display bridging demonstration
  • Connects the applications processor to a Dual Link LVDS display
  • MIPI DSI to LVDS Interface Bridging Demonstration
  • Connects mobile application processors to large format LVDS displays
  • Demonstrates the ability for industrial displays to interface to high volume, high performance mobile application processors.

Lattice provides bridging solutions for consumer, industrial and automotive applications via CrossLink IP to save logic resources and lower power consumption.

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