2016-05-16 - Teledyne LeCroy

Test fixture isolates NVMe U.2 drives in data storage system

The PCIe Dual Port U.2 Transposer Set from Teledyne packs four adapters, each of which delivers a unique test configuration required by various mission critical systems.

2016-05-12 - Lester Belen

Computerised system converts 3D objects into moving robots-800p

A team from Purdue University created the 'CardBoardiZer' that transforms static 3D objects into moving robotic versions made out of cardboard, wood and sheet metal in minutes.

2016-04-01 - Susan Nordyk

Magnetic sensor achieves 5x better noise level

Designed for wearables and mobile devices, the MMC3630KJ from MEMSIC integrates a monolithic 3-axis AMR sensor and signal conditioning ASIC that deliver magnetic sensitivity in the range of ±30 gauss.