2020-03-24 - STMicroelectronics

ST Reveals STM32CubeMonitor Runtime Variable Monitoring and Visualization Tool with Multi-OS Flexibility

Native support of multi-format displays helps visualize the application behavior on host devices in various form factors such as PCs, tablets, or mobiles.

2020-03-23 - Chang Fei Yee

Mitigation of crosstalk on compact PCB by applying thinner substrate

This article studies the impact of dielectric thickness on crosstalk for transmission lines in single ended mode on outer (i.e., microstrip) and inner (i.e., stripline) PCB layers. Crosstalk analysis is performed in frequency and time domain using Mentor Hyperlynx.

2020-03-20 - Gary Bocock

Match modular EMI AC line filters to application’s DC supply needs

Modular EMC filters are often added at the AC inlet to end equipment. This article describes the function of the filter and how to match it to the intended application for best effect.

2020-03-19 - Brian Dipert

Designing for margin versus volume

There are benefits to being a high-end product supplier, although there are also risks.

2020-03-18 - Kenneth Wyatt

25 years of DesignCon

DesignCon showcases the latest high-speed technology for data communications and this year they celebrated the 25th anniversary.

2020-03-17 - Bill Schweber

Diapers with RFID: Widely Useful or Trivial Pursuit?

A recent project from MIT – yes, MIT – developed a low-cost, easy-to-use system to signal a caregiver via smartphone when a diaper is wet.

2020-03-16 - Bob Witte

On/off keying gets the communications job done

Electronic communication has changed how the world is connected. The secret lies in keying and digital coding.

2020-03-13 - Steve Roberts

Combine in-circuit and functional component test advantages

Creating a combined test adapter for a DC/DC power product presents a design challenge, but if implemented properly can speed test throughput and lower cost.

2020-03-12 - Brian Dipert

Microsoft Surface upgrade: How does the Surface Pro 4 compare?

Peak performance isn't everything, especially for a system running on a ~40 W-h battery.

2020-03-11 - Lee Goldberg

Re-thinking acoustic wave filters

Could this new approach to monolithic RF filters help pave the way to practical tri-band 5G handsets?