2020-03-10 - John Dunn

Zero offset active lowpass filter, part 4

Circuit suggestions should be rigorously analyzed to avoid adverse consequences.

2020-03-09 - T.K. Hareendran

A Fidget Spinner Electronics Project

Since the fidget spinner is certainly not the latest fad, somebody here might wonder what else it could be used for. Well, let me spill the beans!

2020-03-06 - Federico Coppede

Temperature drift compensation for audio power amplifiers

Compensate the DC voltage drift in the output of a directly-coupled power AB-Class audio amplifier to improve bass response.

2020-03-05 - Brian Dipert

Teardown: Failed mobile power pack

A failed mobile power pack begs for a thorough perusal of its batteries and other internals.

2020-03-04 - Giovanni Di Maria

Measuring an Unknown Capacitance With the Integrated Circuit 40106

There are many methods for measuring an unknown capacity value of any degree of difficulty and precision. Let’s see how these two electrical quantities can be easily measured and with the help of theory.

2020-03-03 - Bill Schweber

STEM MBAs: Substance or Superficial?

So what does STEM MBA mean, and is it really meaningful or not?

2020-03-03 - STMicroelectronics

New STM32L5 Microcontrollers from ST

Ultra-Low Power and Security for IoT Come First on New STM32L5 Microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics.

2020-03-02 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

BLDCs Motor Control Design

The DC motor is widely used in the field of servo automation and robotics. The operating principle of an electric motor is based on the interaction of two magnetic fields that attract and repel each other.

2020-02-27 - Bill Schweber

A well-known numerical “constant” may need revision

A new study questions our accepted standard for normal body temperature.

2020-02-25 - Imec

Imec demonstrates 24nm pitch lines with single exposure EUV lithography on ASML’s NXE:3400B scanner

24nm pitch resolution offers the imec patterning ecosystem a platform for early development towards high-NA EUV lithography