Stephen Las Marias

2021-07-26 - Majeed Ahmad

UCAP offers lead-acid alternative to energy storage

Ultracapacitors are moving beyond the status of a component in a quest for new energy storage solutions.

2021-07-26 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Cadence Tensilica DSP supports floating point for optimum PPA

A look at the first DSP family from Cadence Tensilica designed specifically to support floating point arithmetic.

2021-07-26 - Jessy Cavazos

Validating 5G device and network performance in a lab environment

Understanding 5G handset and network equipment performance prior to live deployment is vital to a timely and smooth 5G service rollout.

2021-07-23 - Mike Eddy

RFI and the role of filters in Wi-Fi 6E designs

RF filters are critical in Wi-Fi 6E designs due to wide bandwidth and high frequency functions.

2021-07-23 - Xilinx Inc.

Xilinx integrates stacked HBM to address bandwidth and security

New member of Xilinx Versal portfolio integrates stacked high bandwidth memory (HBM) to accelerate compute on massive connected data sets.

2021-07-23 - Gopi Sirineni

Manage control plane security in real-time using network AI

The implementation of AI techniques by the trusted control/compute unit (TCU) can greatly reduce the frequency and severity of attacks.

2021-07-22 - Carsten Rhod Gregersen

Why TCP tunneling matters in IoT

We explore TCP tunneling and why it is an important concept for modern IoT, especially in terms of enabling IoT device security.

2021-07-22 - Praveen Kr. Agrawal and S.V. Nakhe

Dual-timer-based system provides contactless water-dispensing solution

This Design Idea provides a simple retrofit solution to create a contactless water dispensing unit.

2021-07-21 - Huw Davies

Making energy harvesting work for edge IoT devices

Micro energy harvesting can provide potentially inexhaustible electrical energy captured from the ambient environment, ideal for IoT sensors.

2021-07-21 - Majeed Ahmad

Fully managed cloud service for a wireless IoT gateway design

A new IoT gateway design is the latest manifestation of fully managed cloud connectivity for rapid evaluation, prototyping, and applications development.