Automate software analysis and verification for functional safety compliance

Article By : Majeed Ahmad

LDRA tool suite integration for automation of software analysis and verification helps developers accelerate functional safety compliance.

Companies providing tools for software developers and quality assurance teams are joining hands with functional safety platforms to automate software analysis and verification, and one such announcement came at the Embedded World 2021 Digital show.

LDRA, which helps developers test safety- and security-critical applications much earlier in the development process, has announced its tool suite’s integration into the Synopsys DesignWare ARC MetaWare Development Toolkit for safety. So, automotive software developers implementing functional safety using Synopsys DesignWare ARC processors can perform system-level testing either on the host platform or the actual target.

LDRA’s test and lifecycle solution for Synopsys functional safety processors and development kits provides designers with lifecycle traceability as well as source code’s static and dynamic analysis. “Our toolkit’s integration into Synopsys function safety development toolkit helps automotive industry software developers from requirements to verification,” said Jim McElroy, VP of sales and marketing at LDRA Technology.

image of a development toolkit and a screenshot of its compilerLDRA works with development toolkits and their compiler and IDE to test safety- and security-critical applications. Source: LDRA

LDRA has signed a similar collaboration pact with PTC to streamline software engineering and quality analysis in its product lifecycle management framework Windchill RV&S. “This integration enables software developers to create safety-critical applications, test application, analyze code, and present that information up in the Windchill product,” McElroy said.

The LDRA tool suite and Windchill RV&S product integration is enabled by the LDRA TBmanager, which employs a rule-based approach for traceability and verification activities. The combined solution automates the software analysis and verification and provides bidirectional traceability from requirements to source code.

The markets that Windchill RV&S serves include automotive, medical, and some industrial, defense, and aeronautics applications. “LDRA toolkit facilitates automation, efficiency and productivity, so Windchill users can test their software, collect results, and put it back in the framework,” McElroy added.

The above tie-ups between toolkits are particularly important in today’s collaborative world where all information is available in the cloud, and people need to share that information. It’s also interesting to see how software has become a collaborative approach across the globe from a development perspective.

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Majeed Ahmad, Editor-in-Chief of EDN, has covered the electronics design industry for more than two decades.

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