Automotive-grade LDO regulator halves mounting area

Article By : Rohm Semiconductor

The BUxxJA2MNVX-C series utilises original circuit technology to achieve a balance between response characteristics and current consumption.

Rohm Semiconductor's new line of AEC-Q100 qualified low-dropout (LDO) regulators are designed for automotive safety modules requiring greater reliability and increased miniaturisation, such as sensors, cameras, and radars in advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) applications.

The recent spread of accident prevention measures and automated driving systems has called for advanced safety systems with more sensors, camera modules and other mounted components. But at the same time, there is also a need to decrease part size to improve design flexibility and reduce vehicle weight. Until now, however, it has been difficult to design power supply ICs that deliver high reliability in a compact form factor. As a result, given the harsh environment automotive systems are subjected to, including increased noise, temperature, and vibration, the smallest package size that can still provide the necessary level of reliability has been 1.5mm x 1.5mm.

Rohm's AEC-Q100 qualified BUxxJA2MNVX-C series provides automotive-grade reliability in an ultra-compact 1mm x 1mm package, decreasing mounting area by 55% over the existing products. At the same time, current consumption and response characteristics are reduced by half (35µA circuit current, 65mV load fluctuation), contributing to smaller, higher performance automotive safety modules.

Unlike conventional products that require an external capacitance of at least 1.0µF to prevent oscillation, Rohm's regulators support smaller external capacitors as low as 0.22µF, enabling further miniaturisation.

The BUxxJA2MNVX-C series is available now at $0.275 (1,000 pcs).

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