AVX’s MLCCs toughen up for medical applications

Article By : AVX

Less than an inch small and stabilising up to 500V rated voltage, the MM series MLCCs can take on various life or non-life-support medical devices.

AVX has unveiled the MM Series of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) designed for medical applications.

Available in 10V to 500V rated voltages, and 0.5pF to 1.5μF capacitance range, the MM Series MLCCs come in NP0 (C0G) and X7R dielectrics, and 0402 to 2220 case sizes.

The ceramic capacitors can be used in implantable life and non-life-sustaining medical devices like insulin pumps and cardiac monitors. They may also be used in external medical devices like external controllers for heart pumps and patient monitoring and diagnostic equipment.

Only 0.029 inch x 0.004 inch x 0.003 inch in size, the devices endure destructive physical analysis (DPA) and analysed against the EIA RS469 document. They are also subjected to lot-by-lot reliability testing and increased sampling for accelerated wave solder on X7R and NP0 dielectrics.

The MM Series MLCCs feature change controls as well as compliance with FDA standards and lot acceptance testing (LAT).

AVX qualifies and notifies customers if it needs to make changes to specified MM Series materials or processes such as dielectric, metal, and termination material formulation, type, or supplier; manufacturing equipment type; and quality testing regime, including sample size and accept/reject criteria.

MM Series MLCCs are available on 7-inch or 13-inch reels. Lead time for the series is 12 weeks.

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