Battery-operated PIM analyser targets network interference

Article By : Graham Prophet

The Anritsu PIM Hunter is an intermodulation test probe that helps field technicians locate external PIM sources during cell site maintenance.

The PIM Hunter test probe, Anritsu claims, is suitable for location of external PIM sources, providing a test solution that tracks causes of interference during maintenance of wireless networks.

PIM Hunter is a passive intermodulation test probe that helps field technicians discover the precise location of external PIM sources at cell sites. Compatible with the PIM Master, Spectrum Master and BTS Master handheld analysers, the PIM Hunter test probe enables field professionals to use traditional interference hunting techniques to accurately locate external PIM sources.

It complements Anritsu’s Distance-to-PIM (DTP) technology, which determines the distance between the antenna and external PIM. A technician can walk along the arc of that distance with PIM Hunter to detect the exact source of the external PIM. Integrating PIM Hunter with any of the compatible Anritsu handheld analysers with Burst Detect Sweep Mode creates the tool set required to precisely identify external PIM sources for faster site repair. It is especially useful for detecting PIM on rooftops, the most common location for network densification in urban environments.

PIM Hunter features support for external PIM identification over the 600MHz to 2700MHz frequency range. With the PIM Hunter test probe connected to a spectrum analyser in burst detect mode and an appropriate band-pass filter, technicians can track and locate IM3 signal sources that cause PIM. When the probe tip comes in close proximity to a source, the PIM value increases by as much as 30dB, indicating the precise location of the interferer.

Unlike traditional near field probes, the PIM Hunter returns a consistent signal level regardless of probe orientation with respect to the PIM source. Accuracy is further assured because the probe is manufactured using low PIM construction techniques so the probe itself does not act as a PIM source. A 90cm extension shaft allows the test operator to remain a safe distance away from antennas under test.

The PIM Master MW82119B is a 40W, battery-operated PIM analyser featuring Site Master line sweep capability.

With the Site Master option, the PIM Master can certify cable and antenna system performance, measuring PIM, Distance-to-PIM, Return Loss, VSWR, Cable Loss and Distance-to-Fault. Anritsu’s Spectrum Master family consists of four models that provide excellent flexibility for locating, identifying, recording and solving communication systems problems without compromising measurement accuracy. The BTS Master handheld base station analysers have been specifically developed to support 4G/3G/2G and WiMAX networks, as well as CPRI RF and BBU emulation.

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