Cadence and Google Cloud collaborating to advance chip design ecosystem

Article By : Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Cadence and Google Cloud are collaborating to accelerate system and semiconductor design with cloud-ready tools.

Cadence Design Systems Inc. and Google Cloud are collaborating to accelerate system and semiconductor design with cloud-ready tools included in the Cadence Cloud Passport that have been certified for use with Google Cloud. This collaboration provides engineers with up to 10X improvement in design and verification throughput, accelerating time to market. Cadence tools have been tested and benchmarked on Google Cloud with performance improvements of up to 25% on Google Cloud C2D instances compared with an on-prem infrastructure.

Several customers using the Cadence Cloud Passport on Google Cloud have already realized significant benefits, such as scale and elasticity, state-of-the-art compute, and start-up time efficiency.

“Through our work with Cadence and Google Cloud, we have access to a broad set of Cadence tools and IP via GCP that has provided us with optimal compute elasticity to complete our Vision Inference Silicon,” said R.K. Anand, chief product officer at Recogni. “We were able to get our deployment up and running quickly, scale compute on demand, achieve our design goals and dramatically accelerate our project timelines by a factor of 25%. This approach helped us significantly during the peak of the pandemic when we were all remote and needed to complete our design running all the tools in the cloud.”

Redefining Automotive Electronics

Automation across vehicle cockpits, driver assist systems (ADAS), and autonomous driving is critical for new E/E architectures, sensor architectures, and high-bandwidth in-vehicle communications. As part of the new zonal architectures to enable autonomous driving, radar, lidar, and cameras are vital sensors undergoing rapid improvements. A new class of high-performance system-on-chips (SoC) and system-in-packages (SiP) is needed to process all sensor data. Furthermore, the dramatic increase of the electronic content in vehicles drives the trends toward integrating more functionality on a chip, meeting stringent safety, reliability, and security requirements. Autonomous driving platforms targeting maximum performance running at giga-hertz frequencies must be designed and optimized for scalability, power efficiency, thermal, and EMI robustness.

In his presentation “Redefining Automotive Electronics,” Robert Schweiger, Director, Automotive Solutions at Cadence Design Systems Inc. will provide an overview of automotive trends and the implications for SoC and system design for sensors and automated driving platforms.

Electronics Asia Conference (EAC) 2022 is scheduled for October 18-20.

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Google silicon teams have used Cadence cloud-ready tools for verification, implementation, and system analysis workloads on Google Cloud, leveraging flexible consumption models by Cadence. The Google silicon teams successfully developed the Tensor system-on-chip (SoC) and Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) using Cadence cloud-ready tools running on the Google Cloud GCP HPC-optimized infrastructure. Google silicon teams also used the Cadence Jasper™ Formal Verification platform in the cloud to improve the reliability of TPU designs significantly.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Cadence to bring their modeling and simulation software to Google Cloud customers,” said Sachin Gupta, VP and GM of Infrastructure, Google Cloud. “Together we bring unprecedented functionality, scale, and access, which will enable the next wave of innovative industry products in the electronic design and computer-aided engineering market segments.”

“By furthering our collaboration with Google Cloud, we’re helping customers leverage the massive scalability of the cloud and improve overall design productivity,” said Nimish Modi, senior vice president and general manager, Strategy and New Ventures at Cadence. “Combining the power of our computational software with Google Cloud high-performance compute gives our customers access to a proven solution that provides a competitive advantage.”

The Cadence Cloud Passport is part of the broader Cadence Cloud Portfolio, which offers customers flexible access to Cadence tools in the cloud.


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