CAN controller core supports AUTOSAR time-stamping

Article By : EDN Asia

The CAN 2.0 and CAN FC Bus Controller Core enable efficient hardware time-based synchronisation for Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) systems, according to CAST.

Semiconductor IP provider CAST has rolled out three upgrades to its automotive IP line-up.

The first is a new IEEE 802.1AS Hardware Protocol Stack Core, which works with any Ethernet Media Access Controller (eMAC), enabling easy development of time-aware nodes for standard audio video bridging and time sensitive networking (AVB/TSN) networks. This serves a variety of audio/visual and industrial applications and is essential for the growing use of Ethernet to connect diverse automotive systems, according to the company.

CAST also introduced a new, full-featured SENT/SAE J2716 Controller Core, which serves as a transmitter and/or receiver for the Single Edge Nibble Transmission protocol. It complies with the SAE J2716 standard and also the de-facto standard Short PWM Code (SPC) protocol, and can serve as a simpler, lower-cost alternative to the popular LIN bus for connections between automotive sensors and controllers.

Finally, the company said that its CAN 2.0 and CAN FD Bus Controller Core now supports time-stamping compliant to the CiA 603 specification, which enables efficient hardware time-based synchronisation for Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) systems.

The CAN Controller and 802.1AS Stack cores are sourced from Fraunhofer IPMS. The SENT/J2716 Controller core was developed by CAST’s USA engineering team. All are available now, with royalty-free licensing.

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