Car audio power amp detects output offset voltage

Article By : Toshiba

Toshiba's 4-channel power amplifier detects output offset voltage even during sound reproduction, preventing speaker burnout.

Toshiba Corp. has launched the TCB502HQ, a 4-channel power amplifier that detects 70mV output offset voltage, even during sound reproduction, preventing speaker burnout. The IC has already started mass production.

Manufacturers constantly seek to refine the sound quality of car audio and the TCB502HQ allows this with a current-feedback system in high-end hi-fi audio. The system prevents sound quality degradation at wide bandwidths and secures consistent sound quality.

The power amplifier has 49W maximum power output and 6V to 18V operating supply voltage. The TCB502HQ also has 33μV output noise voltage, allowing for low sound distortion. It comes with built-in mute and standby functions, offset detection, short circuit detection, and half short circuit detection.

Currently in mass production, the TCB502HQ is sample priced ¥500 each ($4.35).

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