2020-12-24 - Victor Wollesen

Satellite navigation and Software Defined Radio

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) refers to systems that use satellites in orbit to assist earth bound devices in determining…

2020-07-20 - Rohde & Schwarz

Economy vector signal generator for automotive, IoT and education

The new R&S SMCV100B vector signal generator targets automotive, broadcast, navigation and wireless applications. It is the first commercial multistandard…

2020-06-05 - Gina Roos

DARPA programs: Advancing technology from quantum computing to passive 3D sensors

Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, the U.S. DARPA continues to work on advancing technologies and new programs. Let's look…

2020-06-01 - Liam Keese

Why component integration matters for space-based PLL synthesizers

By integrating RF and synthesizer components into a monolithic RF IC, engineers can solve size and complexity design challenges in…

2020-05-13 - Rajan Bedi

On-board mass memory requirements for the new space age

NAND flash technology offers a potential non-volatile solution to enable future on-board mass memory needs for Earth-observation

2020-01-08 - Bill Schweber

Metrology’s Reach Demonstrated With Inter-Satellite Link

The idea of linking two orbing satellites via an interferometer to continuously measure their separation with ultraprecision may seem incredible,…

2019-09-25 - Bill Schweber

The Almost Perfect Clock by JPL & NASA

The NASA/JPL Deep Space Atomic Clock (DSAC) now in orbital test uses a radically different approach to achieve higher performance…

2019-05-17 - Steve Taranovich

How It Works: Angle of Attack Sensor

As a member of the electronics design community, I am angry and disappointed with the recent deaths of 346 people…

2019-04-25 - Rajan Bedi

Changing trends in designing space electronics

Space technology and satellite-based applications have become ubiquitous, impacting our daily lives and being used to provide a sustainable future…

2019-04-17 - Martin Rowe

EMC Testing in Space

Testing for EMC on a spacecraft isn’t unlike testing for terrestrial equipment except for the fact that spacecrafts live in…