2021-05-18 - ACN Newswire

Better Memristors Improve AI Operations

Neurone-like junctions made of mixed oxide-based materials could reduce the massive energy consumption of artificial intelligence operations.

2021-04-28 - Richard Quinnell

Processor architecture brings AI to IoT

Arm introduced a processor architecture that aims to meet the growing need for both enhanced security and AI functionality at…

2021-04-16 - Ludovic Rembert

AI and robotics tech team up for next-generation firefighting

Here's a look at how AI and robotics are being used to fight fires around the world and what the…

2021-04-15 - Marco Ciaffi and John Min

Building security into AI SoCs at silicon level

With the rapid deployment of artificial intelligence (AI), the focus of AI system on chip (SoC) design has been on…

2021-04-14 - Majeed Ahmad

The evolutionary path for DRAM and NAND flash technologies

The Korean memory chipmaker highlights the evolutionary path for DRAM and NAND flash technologies in a keynote address to IEEE…

2021-04-07 - Richard Quinnell

Gas sensor becomes electronic nose through AI

Convert a generic gas sensor into a customizable electronic "nose" through AI and machine learning.

2021-04-01 - Nitin Dahad

New Arm architecture targeted at security and AI

Arm's first new architecture in a decade, Armv9, addresses security through a new confidential compute architecture (CCA) and the ever-increasing…

2021-03-04 - Nitin Dahad

NXP discusses enhancing edge intelligence

Ron Martino, senior vice president and general manager of the edge processing business of NXP Semiconductors, talks about enabling edge…

2021-03-03 - Majeed Ahmad

Chip simplifies integration of voice detection algorithms for cloud service

A new chip for voice-enabled designs offers an API that simplifies the integration of voice capture algorithms into different cloud…

2021-02-02 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

AI brings better solutions to hearing aid wearers

Patients are looking for more natural and personalized hearing sound experiences, and AI handles the complexity of real situations, in…