2020-12-16 - Charles Pao

Achieving accurate motion tracking in consumer portables

Our lives have been transformed by portable, connected gadgets – most obviously the smartphone, but also a multitude of others, such as smartwatches...

2020-12-08 - Richard Quinnell

AI provides IoT device security for unknown cyber threats

Machine learning helps devices identify their own anomalous behavior.

2020-12-07 - STMicroelectronics

Expansion Package Dedicated to AI-Based Industrial Condition Monitoring on STM32 MCUs

The solution enables industrial-equipment vendors to quickly evaluate Octonion’s embedded AI models, running on-device learning directly on STM32 MCUs...

2020-12-02 - Richard Quinnell

AI starts to gain emotional intelligence

Giving systems emotional intelligence

2020-11-30 - Brian Dipert

Maker kits offer DIY artificial intelligence

With the DIY maker kits, Google claims you can “build intelligent systems that see, speak, and understand.”

2020-11-23 - ST, Schneider Electric

Advanced People-Counting Solution using AI on STM32 MCU

AI at the very edge enables digital attendance monitoring for smart buildings...

2020-11-19 - Ian Ferguson

Cobots are key to collaboration between humans and AI

Adding artificial intelligence (AI) functionality has an amazing opportunity to change the way systems behave and are controlled...

2020-10-28 - Ludovic Rembert

Making agriculture sustainable with AI and IoT

The integration of AI and the IoT with conventional farming practices provide an opportunity to bring agriculture into the digital age...

2020-09-21 - EverFocus Electronics

AI Powered Safety Booster

EverFocus’ AI powered prison solution integrates management platforms via liaising the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, Microsoft® Azure™ IoT cloud platform and the latest technologies

2020-09-15 - Nitin Dahad

Embedded Vision Summit: ML perception on tiny FPGAs

At the Embedded Vision Summit, Lattice Semiconductor will demonstrate how tiny low power FPGAs can enable multiple image processing functions...