2020-07-22 - Kendall Castor-Perry

Why DAC and ADC responses droop

Have you ever experienced unexpected droop when you’ve plotted out the frequency response of a signal processing system when you expected that the frequency response would be flat?

2020-07-14 - Frederik Dostal

What to consider in regard to switching frequency

Switch-mode power supplies switch with a frequency that is either fixed, adjustable, or synchronized to an external clock. The value of the switching frequency determines the physical size and, accordingly, the cost of a supply's capacitors and inductors...

2020-06-11 - Frederik Dostal

Upper end limitations of a duty cycle

The duty cycle of a switching regulator depends on the respective switching regulator topology...

2020-06-08 - Renesas Electronics

New I3C bus expanders for control plane designs

Renesas Electronics unveiled four new I3C Basic bus extension products for control plane designs across a variety of applications, including data center and server applications, as well as enterprise, factory automation, and communications equipment. The new products include the IMX3102 2:1 bus multiplexer, IMX3112 1:2 bus expander, and IXP3114 and IXP3104 1:4 general-purpose IO expanders, […]

2020-05-22 - Jonathan Colao

Designing a fast reacting feedback system for miniaturized motor driven designs

A high speed, high throughput ADC accurately captures information and feeds motor position data to the controller, enabling higher levels of accuracy and optimization in the position-feedback system...

2020-05-19 - Frederik Dostal

A Critical Short Pulse

While there are maximum limitations of a duty cycle, which will be discussed separately, this power management tip focuses specifically on the minimum limitations of a duty cycle.

2020-05-11 - Frederik Dostal

Quiet and efficient switching regulators

A major challenge for numerous applications is the interference inherent to a switching regulator because it can generate both conducted emissions, typically input-side and output-side, and radiated EMI...

2020-05-08 - Tim Dhuyvetter

Improving haptic feedback with piezoelectric transducers

Introduction to piezoelectric haptics provides the pros and cons of each and details piezoelectric transducer principles, theory, and modelling along with a proprietary energy recovery process that greatly reduces input power requirements...

- Bob Witte

Common op-amp circuits

These common op-amp circuits are useful for amplifying various analog signals. The ideal op amp model helps us understand how these circuits operate...

2019-07-16 - Kendall Castor-Perry

The Ins & Outs of Generalised Impedance Converters

OK, settle down at the back of the room, gentlemen and ladies! I’m back, and there’s more work to do to actually make some filters.