2017-01-13 - Michael Steffes

Accurately calculate slew rate for linear applications

Slew rate has become a confusing spec as different development groups treat it differently. Here's an accurate approach to slew rates in large signal step responses.

2017-01-10 - Christian Kueck

LT8614 silent switcher reduces EMI without drawbacks

Linear Technology's LT8614 has low minimum on-time of 30ns that enables large step-down ratios even at high switching frequencies.

2017-01-06 - Barry Harvey

How to prevent op-amps’ oscillation

A designer needs to consider parasitic capacitance and inductance associated with each op amp terminal and the nature of the load.

2017-01-02 - STMicroelectronics

Op-amp amplifies current sense voltage in demo boards

Current sense voltage can be amplified by a low-voltage operational amplifier, which is useful for protecting your applications.

2016-11-24 - Linear Technology

600mA switching regulator targets 48V automotive systems

The LT8630 features internal high efficiency switches that can deliver up to 600mA of continuous output current to voltages as low as 0.8V.

2016-10-07 - Linear Technology

2.5A switching regulator offers integrated dual output

The LTC3126’s 0.818V to VIN output voltage are suited for applications which must regulate through cold-crank, load dump and stop-start scenarios.

2016-09-19 - Linear Technology

50Msps, 16-bit DAC board is ‘Mojo’ compatible

DC2459A is a complete redesign of the original demonstration circuit.

2016-09-15 - Graham Prophet

CAN µModule isolator operates at up to 4Mbps data rate

The LTM2889 separates grounds by isolating the CAN transceiver using internal inductive isolation.

- Murata

6W DC-DC converter optimised to suit bipolar voltages

The MGJ6 series has characterised partial discharge performance, crucial to achieving a long service life in high-performance applications.

2016-09-11 - Infineon Technologies

800V MOSFET fits low-power SMPS applications

The 800V CoolMOS P7 series offers up to 0.6% efficiency gain, which translates into 2°C to 8°C lower MOSFET temperature.