2022-09-29 - Lluis Beltran Gil

How to quickly evaluate data converters

This article explains how to record a macro and how to use it within Python and MATLAB environments to automate certain evaluation tasks without having to develop any complex software controller code.

2022-09-19 - Jean-Jaques (JJ) DeLisle

Understanding negative-capacitance FET technology

There have been ongoing efforts to develop solutions to the limitation of CMOS FET technology, including negative capacitance FETs (NC-FETs).

2022-09-01 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics dual op amp drives power-hungry industrial, automotive loads

STMicroelectronics' dual high-output amplifier simplifies circuitry for driving inductive and low-ohmic loads in industrial applications and automotive systems.

2022-08-24 - Jean-Jaques (JJ) DeLisle

Operational transconductance amplifier (OTA): An overview

OTA, commonly used in analog circuits, is a direct-coupled differential voltage-controlled current source (DVCCS) with high output impedance.

2022-08-12 - Don Dingee

Four ways makers can use D/A converters

Here is a sneak peek at the type of things that design engineers might take on with a digital-to-analog converters (DACs).

2022-08-04 - Naoto Horiguchi and Julien Ryckaert, imec

Integrating CFET into the logic technology roadmap beyond 1nm

The complementary field-effect transistor (CFET) is an attractive device architecture for scaling beyond 1nm logic technology nodes.

2022-08-02 - Drew Pierpont and Rob Reeder, Texas Instruments

Understanding crosstalk and isolation testing in ADCs

The article describes the theory, test bench, and methods for checking channel-to-channel isolation of high-speed A/D converters.

2022-07-26 - Stephen Woodward

New VFC uses flip-flops as high speed, precision analog switches

Pushing the maximum accurate operating frequency of the VFC beyond 1 MHz by utilizing high-speed H-CMOS logic devices as extremely fast analog switches.

2022-07-18 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics touts energy savings and lower noise with 40V STripFET F8 MOSFETs

STMicroelectronics' 40V MOSFETs, STL320N4LF8 and STL325N4LF8AG, save energy and ensure low noise in circuits for power conversion, motor control, and power distribution.

2022-07-07 - Daniel Dufresne

The start-up transistor works once!

In a tail light design using a step-down converter, the start-up transistor fails repeatedly.