2023-01-16 - Michael A. Shustov

The electronic analog of the push-button switcher

Using bistable elements to create the electronic analogue of the push-button switcher.

2023-01-11 - Bill Schweber

There may yet be another chance for germanium and SiGe

Silicon-based processes made germanium nearly obsolete, but a new contact scheme may give this first semiconductor another chance.

2023-01-05 - Carolyn Mathas

Where are we with audio design and use cases?

Audio design has evolved over the years amid semiconductor technology advancements and new uses cases, as shown in this profile story.

2022-12-05 - Jean-Jaques (JJ) DeLisle

Analog in 3D ICs and TSVs

Here is why the steady march toward 3D ICs and through silicon vias (TSVs) is becoming a brisk jog.

2022-11-30 - Texas Instruments Inc.

TI expands rad-hard portfolio

TI has expanded its portfolio of space-grade analog semiconductor products in highly reliable plastic packages.

2022-11-18 - Bill Schweber

Touchscreens defeat CTS

Predictions of a CTS epidemic due to excessive QWERTY keyboard use did not materialize due to widespread adoption of touchscreen devices.

2022-11-15 - Carolyn Mathas

Neuromorphic analog signal processor aids TinyML

The role that analog plays in enabling the TinyML technology at the edge to lower power usage and latency may surprise you.

2022-11-08 - Bill Schweber

MRI story: Are our celebrity priorities misplaced?

We give considerable attention to Hollywood-type celebrities, but what about giving some to those who really create our technology developments?

2022-11-04 - Don Dingee

Why FPGAs and analog haven’t mixed well so far

FPGAs and analog haven't mixed well, but that may be starting to change with new chiplet technology integrating analog blocks.

2022-10-31 - Carolyn Mathas

Phased array antennas: From military to 5G

Phased-array antennas are gaining traction in 5G systems, promising improved signal strength, gain, directivity and bandwidth performance.