2020-06-05 - Gina Roos

DARPA programs: Advancing technology from quantum computing to passive 3D sensors

Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, the U.S. DARPA continues to work on advancing technologies and new programs. Let's look…

2020-06-03 - Mathias Fritzson

Software-defined automobiles: An efficient platform for essential parallelization

Are we at a critical juncture in how the industry moves forward with software-defined automobiles? As automotive functionality increases and…

2020-06-02 - Juncheng (Lucas) Lu, Peter Di Maso

GaN enables efficient, cost-effective 800V EV traction inverters

Compare semiconductor solutions for the traction inverters EV propulsion systems require.

2020-06-01 - STMicroelectronics

Next-Gen NFC Reader IC for Digital Car Keys

Delivers rapid car-key response and reliable connections over extended distances...

2020-05-27 - Antoine Dubois, Erik Santiago

Safely controlling an EV traction inverter

Safety is the prime concern when designing electric vehicle (EV) inverters and their control systems. This article discusses the requirements…

2020-05-26 - Susan Nordyk

Microcontroller lineup is safety-ready

Microchip’s AVR DA family of microcontrollers is recommended for safety-critical applications in both industrial and automotive products.

2019-11-07 - Enrique Martinez

Developing safety critical ASICs for ADAS and similar automotive systems

Developing ASICs, SoCs, and other semiconductors for safety-critical applications requires that the entire design and verification process is conducted in…

2019-09-04 - Carlos Castro

Electric vehicle charging: How technology and smart engineering will make our electric future possible

With the switch to HEVs and EVs accelerating, developing a network of DC fast charging stations is so important.

2019-08-16 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Smart city and e-mobility: Transforming our automotive life

Many analysts say that smart cities will boost the adoption of electric cars.

2019-06-21 - Miccoli Leonardo Agatino, STMicroelectronics

DC Motor Trends in Automotive Body Electronics

This article will analyze market trends for automotive DC motors and display how Solid-State Drivers (SSD) represent the preferred design…