2021-03-25 - Majeed Ahmad

Automate software analysis and verification for functional safety compliance

LDRA tool suite integration for automation of software analysis and verification helps developers accelerate functional safety compliance.

2021-03-17 - EEWeb

Hybrids, EVs offer sweet spot for GaN power devices

The use of GaN in applications such as power converters enables significant improvements compared with traditional solutions based on Si:…

2021-03-15 - MAJEED AHMAD

Design breakthroughs will take LiDAR systems to new realms

Three major analog and mixed-signal design breakthroughs are expected to significantly lower the size and cost of LiDARs and take…

2021-02-09 - Mike Kultgen

Driving Beyond Cobalt for EV Battery Technology

Cobalt cathode cells provide longer-range performance and lower difficulty in charge measurement and management, when compared to other chemistries. However,…

2021-01-27 - Brent McDonald

Comparing CLLLC and DAB power stages for EV onboard chargers

Facilitating the interface between the power grid and the high-voltage battery inside an EV requires an isolated DC/DC power stage:…

2021-01-20 - Kishore Ramaiah

Simplify radar designs with antenna-on-package technology

Simplify radar designs with a highly-compact form factor that eliminates the need for expensive PCB substrate materials.

2021-01-19 - Charlie Ice

Reducing EMI in high-voltage automotive systems

There are several tried and true techniques for reducing EMI in high-voltage automotive systems and many come with no additional…

2021-01-18 - Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

Auto-grade secure authenticator for genuine parts enhances vehicle safety & security

DS28E40 is a parasitically-powered AEC-Q100 Grade 1 secure authenticator which enables the verification of genuine components in ADAS, EV batteries…

2020-12-22 - Nitin Dahad

Smart cities: lidar sensing in intelligent transport systems

One aspect of the smart cities agenda is the deployment of intelligent transport systems. A pilot project using lidar sensors…

2020-12-17 - Zachary Imm

DC/DC converters: design with EMI in mind

DC/DC converters have considerably higher EMI than the LDO regulators, so it’s important to design with EMI in mind.