2016-11-09 - NXP Semiconductors

MCU quadruples computing power for automotive radar

The NXP S32R27 offers higher accuracy and safety for applications such as collision avoidance, lane change assist, autonomous emergency braking.

2016-11-07 - Infineon Technologies

CAN FD transceivers reach 5Mbit/s transmission speed

Compared to the classic CAN transceivers, the CAN FD transceivers such as TLE925x can send a payload of up to…

- Junko Yoshida

Why Comma.ai’s fiasco may upset future of automated cars

Comma.ai’s run-in with the U.S. traffic safety body has revealed weaknesses and unpreparedness of all parties involved in the still-embryonic…

2016-11-02 - Microchip Technology

Automotive LIN SiP comes with touch hardware support

The SAMHA1GxxA contains an ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller, a LIN transceiver based on Microchip's fourth-generation LIN IP and a voltage regulator.

2016-10-20 - TE Connectivity

Automotive coax connectors transmit up to 20GHz data

MATE-AX is designed for standard automotive-grade coax cables and support the miniaturisation of classic antenna module connectivity over coax lines.

2016-10-18 - Christoph Hammerschmidt

High-current station reduces EV charging time

The station is capable of charging an 85kWh battery, like the one used in the Tesla S, within 15 minutes.

2016-10-13 - Christoph Hammerschmidt

Telstra, Cohda Wireless test V2I apps over 4G networks

Telstra believes its 4G and future 5G networks can play a vital role in supporting the rollout of intelligent transport…

- Christoph Hammerschmidt

i.MX 8 processors target cockpit applications

The new devices are based on up to six 64-bit ARM processor cores in v8-A technology, according to NXP.

2016-10-12 - Rohm Semiconductor

Automotive-grade LDO regulator halves mounting area

The BUxxJA2MNVX-C series utilises original circuit technology to achieve a balance between response characteristics and current consumption.

2016-10-06 - Junko Yoshida

Toyota continues to chase the hydrogen dream

Where are we exactly with the hydrogen car?