2016-06-07 - Bike2 Aps

Hybrid powertrain redefines e-bike concept

Bike2 Aps brings an innovative powertrain found in BMW i8 sports cars, as well as in boats and aircrafts, into…

2016-06-02 - Intersil

Quad-channel laser diode driver enables hi-res car HUDs

The ISL78365 from Intersil pulses four high intensity lasers up to 750mA for projecting full-HD colour video onto the windshield…

- Powerbox

High-reliability DC/DC converters enable automotive IoT

Powerbox’s ENA100 and ENA200 power stage come with galvanic isolation of 500VDC and built-in protections and filtering, making products ready…

2016-06-01 - EDN Asia

Hyundai lets drivers add Android Auto, CarPlay to their cars

Korean automaker Hyundai is adding smartphone integrations to several models via a do-it-yourself installation.

2016-05-20 - Christoph Hammerschmidt

Nissan shatters boundary between smart grid, electric cars

Nissan, in partnership with energy provider Enel, plans to test a vehicle-to-grid system, and is about to establish an energy…

2016-05-19 - Vishay Intertechnology

Automotive-grade capacitors feature extended voltage range

Vishay Intertechnology announced that the voltage range for its automotive-grade 146 CTI and 160 CLA series of surface-mount aluminum capacitors…

2016-05-18 - Junko Yoshida

Sensor fusion rising: Mobileye/ST out autonomous car platform

Mobileye and STMicroelectronics are co-developing the next generation of Mobileye's SoC to act as the central computer performing sensor fusion…

2016-05-17 - Christoph Hammerschmidt

Google, FCA team up for self-driving tech

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will incorporate Google's technology that includes sensors as well as software, into about 100 Chrysler hybrid minivan…

- Synopsys

Processors for car safety apps feature DSP, cache support

Synopsys extended its Safety Enhancement Package (SEP) to Synopsys' DesignWare ARC EM processors, the ARC EM4, EM6, EM5D and EM7D…