2023-04-21 - Stephen Las Marias

Inaugural PowerUP Asia conference highlights latest innovations in Asia’s power electronics industry

PowerUP Asia conference and exhibition highlights the latest technology developments and trends in power electronics, including WBG devices, power semiconductors, and related technologies.

2023-04-11 - John Dunn

The headlights and turn signal design blunder

Compromising automobile safety with the deliberate decision by some automobile manufacturers to extinguish one headlight whenever a turn signal is activated.

2023-04-10 - Ajay Bhargava

Developing high-power interconnects for EV subsystems

Here is what interconnects employed in electric vehicle (EV) powertrains need to offer to reduce cost and ensure reliability.

2023-03-31 - Nitin Dahad

Software-defined vehicles come of age

Operating systems and over-the-air updateable features are making software-defined vehicles more prominent as automakers strive to improve in-cabin experiences and upgradable features.

2023-03-30 - Sumit Chauhan

Decoding connected vehicle sensor data to deliver real value

As cars generate significantly more data every day, it's becoming a challenge to process, ingest and store all that sensor data efficiently in the car and to transfer data to the cloud. This article looks at converting that data into value for OEMs and the wider ecosystem.

2023-03-28 - Infineon Technologies AG

Continental and Infineon to partner on developing server-based vehicle architectures

Continental is collaborating with Infineon Technologies in the development of server-based vehicle architectures.

2023-03-20 - Diodes Inc.

Differential exchange switch enables fast multiplexing in automotive media, driver assistance systems

Diodes' PI3DBS16222Q provides a performance-optimized multiplexing solution for automotive infotainment, telematics, and ADAS systems.

2023-03-08 - Majeed Ahmad

The road to 800-V EVs

Two drivers are critical in move from 400V to 800V powertrains: higher power levels of DC fast charging and drive cycle efficiency gains.

2023-03-07 - onsemi

BMW taps onsemi SiC technology for next-generation EVs

onsemi has inked a long-term supply agreement with BMW for its EliteSiC technology in the BMW's electric drivetrains for 400V DC bus.

2023-02-23 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas SoC technologies targeted at in-vehicle communication gateways

Renesas' latest innovations will enable high performance, low power consumption, fast start-up, and security for in-vehicle communication gateways.