2020-07-02 - Joe Triggs and Derek Burke

Overcoming automotive camera link challenges

Camera systems and camera link technologies are being deployed in an ever-increasing range of applications in vehicles to assist drivers and augment the driving experience

2020-06-05 - Gina Roos

DARPA programs: Advancing technology from quantum computing to passive 3D sensors

Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, the U.S. DARPA continues to work on advancing technologies and new programs. Let's look at some of the most recent programs launched in 2020...

2020-06-01 - Brian Dipert

COVID-19: Our new normal

Here's how COVID-19 will impact the environment, transportation, the deployment of autonomous vehicles, and social engagement, and leave us increasingly isolated

2019-06-20 - Magnolia Potter

Get Ready for a Self-Driving Future

Engineers and designers are hard at work creating the cars of the future and designing the advanced infrastructure that will accommodate those vehicles.