2022-04-25 - Daniel Dufresne

Overload again and again and again!

A wrong start-up sequence trips a 60 kW APU.

2022-04-18 - Brian Dipert

Noise-suppressing headsets and earbuds: Differences, but all telephony duds

Active noise cancellation sounds (pun intended) great in theory, but its reality is underwhelming if not degrading.

2022-04-07 - Brian Dipert

Microsoft Surface Duo: A software evolution testimonial, but for who?

Foldable smartphones deliver compelling use case benefits, unfortunately in combination with (getting-fixed) bugs and performance limitations.

2022-02-21 - Brian Dipert

The Microsoft Surface Pro X: Windows without the x(86)

Here's an in-depth look at the Microsoft Surface Pro X.

2022-02-18 - John Dunn

Autotransformer and fan

Making a cooling fan's motor serve using two different line voltages (nominally 120V/240V) put a burden on a power transformer's…

2022-02-17 - Mark Pitchford

Why cross-pollination, not engineering silos, benefits in career path

A silo-based attitude to recruitment not only artificially limits personal development but also stifles innovation.

2022-02-09 - Bill Schweber

555 timer IC: Still alive and kicking at 50 years

Don’t let its age fool you: this legendary IC is still widely used for simplifying new designs as well as…

2022-02-07 - Brian Dipert

Inevitable demise of the standalone camera

Will standalone cameras completely disappear? Not any time soon. But for the masses, they're increasingly being supplanted by image capture-capable…

2022-01-10 - John Dunn

Fractured wires and automotive safety

Fracturing is an insidious phenomenon to be aware of with stranded wires.

2022-01-06 - Majeed Ahmad

Does analog have a place in the machine learning world?

Aspinity claims its inference-based analog signal processing technology provides a power-efficient solution for battery-operating devices.