2016-08-25 - Rajan Bedi

Why BERTs are win-win for test and space industries

Transmitters are using pre/de-emphasis to compensate for the electrical degradations and losses caused by PCBs and cables.

2016-08-24 - Steve Taranovich

Clean energy approach to solar-powered flights

Imagine all the aircrafts that fly each day in our world and the pollution they bring to our air. How…

2016-08-12 - Jacob Beningo

Selecting an MCU? Look out for these 5 firmware criteria

Selecting a microcontroller simply from an electrical engineering standpoint doesn’t work anymore.

2016-06-30 - Max Maxfield

Interactive technique extracts 3D models from 2D photos

Can you imagine combining deep neural network embedded vision systems—possibly binocular versions—with a 3D model extraction technology?

2016-06-27 - Arturo Mediano

Optimising hardware design with near-field scanners

A scanner is essentially a series of near-field probes placed in a grid to produce an image of a board's…

2016-06-08 - John Dunn

Grasping Y-factor and antenna testing

A technique for testing an RF or microwave amplifier's properties may also be applied to antennas.

2016-06-02 - Martin Rowe

DIY slingshot rifles, helicopters in how-to book: Rubber Band Engineer

Rubber Band Engineer is a how-to-book that provides hours of construction and engineering fun, allowing you to make your own…