2016-12-07 - Paul Dillien

Embedding FPGA fabric into SoC: A marriage made in heaven

So what could possibly go wrong? The first obstacle is that the FPGA fabric must be supported on the chosen…

2016-11-25 - Paul Rako

Easily isolate circuits with optical fibre

You never regret adding isolation between your circuits. And that is true not just for power supplies, but for isolating…

2016-11-22 - Michael Kornacker

Bad lot of chips results in glitch

The switch input control logic has generated a 10ns glitch on the output line. Is there something wrong with the…

2016-11-21 - Brian Dipert

Is your core business a sustainable niche?

While you might conclude in the positive, it might be worth stepping away from the day-to-day "firefights" and ask yourself…

2016-11-15 - Steve Taranovich

AT&T rolls out LTE-M network to support IoT connectivity

LTE-M is essentially a low-power, wide-area technology that can support the IoT with such technology that will foster lower device…

2016-11-14 - Michael Dunn

Of BLE, apps and ARMduino: A Simblee hands-on review

RF Digital's Simblee is a shortcut, and in short order, you can work up an embedded system that talks to…

- Michael Dunn

The bad and the ugly: Hands-on review of Simblee

Apart from a thorough clean-up of its documentation morass, the Simblee system needs a much better gestalt explanation.

2016-11-04 - Martin Rowe

PXI instruments headline top new test products for 2016

The HSSLTA link-training software option is one of the new test products that caught the eye of *EE Times*' senior…

- Martin Rowe

Test probes join best new products for 2016

Oscilloscopes and PXI instruments are among the new test products that have caught the eye of *EE Times*' senior technical…

2016-11-03 - Rajan Bedi

Tips for effective power-integrity measurements

Engineers are requiring the ability to zoom-in on DC power rails to look for AC transients, noise and ripple while…