2022-06-17 - SCHURTER

SCHURTER expands Power Entry Module series with snap-in mounting option

SCHURTER has expanded its EC12 series with a version for snap-in mounting that is designed to save panel space.

2022-06-08 - Suresh Patel, Mer-Mar Electronics

Why 4-layer PCBs are more advantageous than double-sided PCBs

Four-layer PCBs best double-layer PCBs when it comes to high-speed operation and compact design possibilities.

2022-04-26 - Bill Schweber

Battery contacts: An underappreciated challenge

There's an aspect of batteries which doesn't have the glamour that these electrochemical energy-storage units have: their physical contacts and connectors.

2022-01-28 - SCHURTER

NEMA receptacles 5-15R with expanded IDC options

The NR010 and NR020 series have an operating temperature range of -25°C to 150°C in response to the power needs of the datacom industry.

2022-01-10 - John Dunn

Fractured wires and automotive safety

Fracturing is an insidious phenomenon to be aware of with stranded wires.

2021-12-23 - TME US LLC

Don’t underestimate the passives shortage

It is often the commodity passive components where the procurement problems are at their greatest.

2021-12-06 - Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key’s 13th Annual DigiWish Giveaway and Holiday Gift Guide now live

Digi-Key has launched its 13th annual DigiWish Giveaway and 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

2021-12-03 - John Dunn

The diode and the drop test

Semiconductor stress isn't always electrical. No matter their size, semiconductor devices don't like mechanical stress either. Sometimes, one does need to take both into account.

2021-12-01 - SCHURTER

SCHURTER thermal fuse features low tripping temperature

SCHURTER's RTS thermal fuse is getting a new variant with a tripping temperature of >175°C.

2021-11-05 - Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key launches “Supply Chain Transformed” video series

Digi-Key Electronics has a new video series that follows the journey of components across the supply chain.