2022-04-26 - Bill Schweber

Battery contacts: An underappreciated challenge

There's an aspect of batteries which doesn't have the glamour that these electrochemical energy-storage units have: their physical contacts and…

2022-01-28 - SCHURTER

NEMA receptacles 5-15R with expanded IDC options

The NR010 and NR020 series have an operating temperature range of -25°C to 150°C in response to the power needs…

2022-01-10 - John Dunn

Fractured wires and automotive safety

Fracturing is an insidious phenomenon to be aware of with stranded wires.

2021-12-23 - TME US LLC

Don’t underestimate the passives shortage

It is often the commodity passive components where the procurement problems are at their greatest.

2021-12-06 - Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key’s 13th Annual DigiWish Giveaway and Holiday Gift Guide now live

Digi-Key has launched its 13th annual DigiWish Giveaway and 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

2021-12-03 - John Dunn

The diode and the drop test

Semiconductor stress isn't always electrical. No matter their size, semiconductor devices don't like mechanical stress either. Sometimes, one does need…

2021-12-01 - SCHURTER

SCHURTER thermal fuse features low tripping temperature

SCHURTER's RTS thermal fuse is getting a new variant with a tripping temperature of >175°C.

2021-11-05 - Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key launches “Supply Chain Transformed” video series

Digi-Key Electronics has a new video series that follows the journey of components across the supply chain.

2021-09-22 - Gavin Watkins

Crystal controlled ramp generator

The ramp generator described here uses a standard 10MHz clock allowing it to be integrated into an existing test setup.

2021-09-20 - Taitien

Taitien releases cost-effective disciplined crystal oscillator

Taitien's GT-11 is a cost-effective disciplined crystal oscillator that provides a built-in GPS receiver module and uses GPS or 1pps…