2021-09-22 - Gavin Watkins

Crystal controlled ramp generator

The ramp generator described here uses a standard 10MHz clock allowing it to be integrated into an existing test setup.

2021-09-20 - Taitien

Taitien releases cost-effective disciplined crystal oscillator

Taitien's GT-11 is a cost-effective disciplined crystal oscillator that provides a built-in GPS receiver module and uses GPS or 1pps as a disciplining signal.

2021-09-16 - Stephen Armstrong

Critical supply shortage for industrial, military applications leading to shifting demand for MLCCs

Industrial, medical, and military demand for high quality, high-voltage MLCCs has been hit hard by a shift in production by the world's largest MLCC manufacturers.

2021-09-06 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas expands ProXO oscillator portfolio

Renesas has expanded its robust timing solutions portfolio with the ProXO+ family of compact, ultra-low noise, temperature-controlled clock oscillators.

2021-08-02 - John Dunn

Thermal time constant versus specific heat

If we know the specific heat capacity of a particular thing, we can make an estimate of the time constant of that particular thing undergoing a thermal excursion.

2021-07-20 - ACN Newswire

Tanaka develops brazing filler metal/copper composite material for power devices

Tanaka has developed an active brazing filler metal/copper composite material that can be used as next-generation heat sinks for power devices.

2021-07-19 - Mouser Electronics

Mouser named e-catalog distributor of the year by Molex

Mouser Electronics Inc. has received the e-Catalog Distributor of the Year award for Americas, Asia, and Europe, from Molex.

2021-07-16 - Bill Schweber

Engineer’s ordeal with tiny PCB pads in a laptop repair

A mechanical design relying on PCB pads for structural support leads to stress-induced crack growth and subsequent failure in a laptop.

2021-07-09 - Cirrus Logic Inc.

Cirrus Logic to acquire Lion Semiconductor

Cirrus Logic has entered into an agreement to acquire Lion Semiconductor for $335 million in cash.

2021-06-29 - Jeremy Garbacik, actnano

Condensation: The hidden vehicle failure mode

With vehicles laden as they are with electronics, protecting those systems from environmental conditions, including condensation, is critical.