2021-01-29 - Veerbhan Kheterpal

Edge supercomputing to transform the great data deluge

With the explosion of IoT technology and sensors over the past decade, one thing has become clear: there is currently no easy way to manage all the data...

2021-01-14 - Colin Walls

Surprises in C code

The C language is quite flexible and expressive; these are some of the reasons why it has been successful and resilient to being replaced by “better”...

2020-12-16 - Charles Pao

Achieving accurate motion tracking in consumer portables

Our lives have been transformed by portable, connected gadgets – most obviously the smartphone, but also a multitude of others, such as smartwatches...

2020-12-03 - Nitin Dahad

Xilinx Acquires Falcon Computing Solutions for Adaptive Computing

Xilinx’ acquisition of Falcon Computing Solutions announced this week will bring software programmability and adaptive computing to more software...

2020-11-19 - Ian Ferguson

Cobots are key to collaboration between humans and AI

Adding artificial intelligence (AI) functionality has an amazing opportunity to change the way systems behave and are controlled...

2020-11-16 - Brian Dipert

The transition to Apple silicon Arm-based computers

Apple announced its overall strategy for them this summer, and they're finally here: the company's first Apple silicon Arm-based systems.

2020-10-19 - Colin Walls

Multicore systems, hypervisors, and multicore frameworks

Developing software on a multicore embedded system is a complex undertaking. It is essential to appreciate some of the options – the trade-offs between relative simplicity and complete flexibility.

2020-10-09 - Stephen Las Marias

Paving the Way to Autonomous Driving with Advanced MEMS & Sensors

STMicroelectronics discusses the different levels of vehicle automation, and how they are enabling the industry on its journey towards autonomous driving.

2020-09-30 - Nitin Dahad

Ray tracing levels aims for clarity with imaging graphics SoCs

With more imaging graphics SoCs using ray tracing acceleration, Imagination Technologies has developed a Ray Tracing Levels system to help developers and OEMs to understand the various different ray tracing implementations in currently being used and for the future...

2020-09-25 - Winmate

Winmate Awarded “10 Best Companies of 2020” by Industry Tech Outlook

The company focuses on maintaining business partnerships beyond just signing a piece of paper...