2021-04-08 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Will voice become default UI for most consumer electronics?

Voice control and voice interfaces have begun their inexorable infiltration of pretty much all consumer edge device categories.

2021-04-02 - Raj Senguttuvan

Key design considerations for voice command systems

This article provides design considerations for low-power, always-on voice command systems using voice activity detection (VAD).

2021-03-29 - Brian Dipert

What are the constituent components of CFL bulbs?

This teardown aimed to answer two questions: what are the constituent components of CFL bulbs, and what caused the demise…

2021-03-10 - Jason Ngai

LED boost devices improve display efficiency

New LED boost devices lower form factor, operating temperature, and EMI for LCD panels serving mobile computing applications.

2021-03-08 - Richard Quinnell

Analog machine learning helps save power in voice-control systems

Systems that can ignore silence and non-speech sound can save a considerable amount of power compared to always-on wake word…

2021-02-23 - Brian Dipert

Dash cam teardown reveals feature set discrepancies

This dash cam teardown reveals some feature set discrepancies; were they the result of an honest mistake or creative marketing?

2021-02-22 - Brian Dipert

The latest on audio compression standards

Two decades ago, the bulk of digital music was either downloaded from a server or ripped from a CD, and…

2021-02-10 - Richard Quinnell

Baseline security capabilities for IoT devices

This baseline of security capabilities for IoT devices can provide a starting point for development teams to consider.

2021-02-08 - Susan Nordyk

Evaluation kit offers ML for always-listening edge devices

Aspinity’s Voice-First Evaluation Kit demonstrates analog machine learning for always-listening edge devices with extended battery life.

2021-02-02 - Brian Dipert

Bluetooth receiver aids smartphones without headphone jacks

Cost-effective audio upgrades extend to the Bluetooth receiver product space and are particularly attractive with smartphones that lack headphone jacks.