2020-10-29 - Richard Quinnell

Emerging standard defines IoT security requirements

An emerging standard from the ETSI is defining a baseline security requirement for consumer IoT designs.

2020-10-27 - Brian Dipert

Pixel smartphone variants offer better value

With its “a” variants, Google’s seemingly perfected the recipe for Pixel smartphone success.

2020-10-19 - Brian Dipert

Apple introduces its new Watch, iPhone, and tablets

Has Apple moved away from its longstanding simplicity stance with its latest product updates?

- Colin Walls

Multicore systems, hypervisors, and multicore frameworks

Developing software on a multicore embedded system is a complex undertaking. It is essential to appreciate some of the options…

2020-10-06 - Brian Dipert

Reviewing a premium digital audio player

At the heart of the XDP-02U digital audio player's appeal is its hardware design, but you also need to consider…

2020-10-05 - Brian Dipert

Guide to replacing a swollen Kindle battery

A swollen battery was no match for this engineer's aspiration to keep a decade-old ebook reader going.

2020-09-29 - Brian Dipert

Obsolescence by design case studies

"Obsolescence by design" encompasses not only hardware and software flaws in devices but also suppliers' reticence to fix them.

2020-09-28 - Majeed Ahmad

Motion engines in visual processors transform video on mobile devices

Here is how motion engines bolster video and gaming content on small LCDs and OLEDs by optimizing color accuracy and…

2020-09-18 - David Harold

Cloud technology will usher in the Netflix era of gaming

The next evolution stands to be one of its most exciting yet, paving the way for a true revolution in…

2020-09-16 - Bill Schweber

Consumer connectors get ruggedized

To take advantage of the popularity of mass-market consumer connectors, vendors are now offering ruggedized versions for industrial and other…