2020-05-25 - Infineon Technologies

OPTIGA Connect 5G ready eSIM solution for mobile devices

Infineon Technologies extends its embedded SIM (eSIM) portfolio with the new OPTIGA™ Connect eSIM solution for mobile consumer devices.

2020-05-18 - Brian Dipert

Teardown: What makes the Amazon Fire TV Stick tick?

Cracking open the Apple Fire TV Stick is easy, but identifying all the components is a different story...

2020-05-06 - Benabadji Mohammed Salim

Simplify the battery gauge with a 1-dot bar graph display

This display uses a cheap six-pin microcontroller and a tri-color LED to realize a simple alternative to the usual four-LED…

2020-04-28 - John Dorosa

Power Tips #97: Shape an LLC-SRC gain curve to meet battery charger needs

The LLC-SRC provides a higher-power alternative to traditional battery chargers that use flyback converters.

2020-04-18 - Brian Dipert

What’s next for USB and Thunderbolt?

Can your application leverage the functional, performance, and other benefits of advanced interfaces, or is a COM port good enough…

2020-04-14 - Brian Dipert

Surface Pro upgrade offers more memory plus LTE connectivity

Insufficient memory, coupled with a longstanding desire to be a mobile computing warrior, fuel yet another system upgrade.

2020-03-19 - Brian Dipert

Designing for margin versus volume

There are benefits to being a high-end product supplier, although there are also risks.

2020-03-12 - Brian Dipert

Microsoft Surface upgrade: How does the Surface Pro 4 compare?

Peak performance isn't everything, especially for a system running on a ~40 W-h battery.

2020-03-05 - Brian Dipert

Teardown: Failed mobile power pack

A failed mobile power pack begs for a thorough perusal of its batteries and other internals.

2020-02-21 - Patrick Mannion

Teardown: DJI Spark drone

The DJI Spark drone was one of the most anticipated drones ever, and for good reason. An EDN teardown gives…