2018-05-03 - Brian Dipert

Google Home Mini setup is exceedingly user-friendly

Rarely does a consumer product setup process complete successfully the first time and rarely is it straightforward. Google scores on both counts with its smart speaker.

2018-03-27 - Brian Dipert

Apple’s obvious misfires

Injuries like the ones Apple's currently suffering from aren't guaranteed to be fatal, but as the saying goes, the first step is to admit you have a problem.

2018-03-13 - Cherukupalli Rama Murthy

Is it the usual suspects in this TV repair?

An educational troubleshooting, repair, and modification adventure ends up in an unexpected place.

2018-02-06 - Michael Dunn

Why do problems come in pairs?

Computers are infamous for manifesting unrelated problems in groups of two, but now my hardware is doing it too.

2018-01-08 - Brian Dipert

Reflecting on Apple’s latest products: Are you impressed?

The stock market seems to love Apple lately, based in no small part on recent product announcements. This engineer isn't nearly as enthusiastic about them. Who's right?

2018-01-01 - John Chinnick

Maximizing BLE security & privacy features

Let's consider what it takes to achieve privacy over BLE. True anonymity is not trivial.

2017-10-26 - Bill Schweber

Goodbye, Digital Camera; It Was Fun, But We’re Done

Change comes quickly and can make a hit new product obsolete faster than we anticipated, as the digital camera clearly demonstrates.

2017-09-07 - Brian Dipert

Taking the pulse of a fitness watch

The pulse measurement technique employed by this fitness-tailored watch ended up being less exotic than originally thought, but the overall...

2017-04-25 - EDN Asia

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 success comes at a cost

Galaxy S8's launch comes at a delicate time for Samsung, which is eager to restore consumer confidence following the Note 7 challenges.

2017-03-13 - Silego Technology

Switches cover up to 4A high-side power control apps

Silego is offering nFET and pFET with low R(DS)ON performance, minimising thermal gradients in medium-current applications.