2022-02-21 - Brian Dipert

The Microsoft Surface Pro X: Windows without the x(86)

Here's an in-depth look at the Microsoft Surface Pro X.

2022-02-07 - Brian Dipert

Inevitable demise of the standalone camera

Will standalone cameras completely disappear? Not any time soon. But for the masses, they're increasingly being supplanted by image capture-capable smartphones.

2022-01-14 - Brian Dipert

Teardown: Apple AirTag

Bluetooth-based trackers definitely aren’t a "dime a dozen," as this teardown analysis makes obvious.

2022-01-11 - Brian Dipert

Repurposing a HDV camcorder for the home office

Here's how you can use a high-def video camcorder as a webcam for your home office.

2021-12-30 - Brian Dipert

2022 tech themes: A look ahead

Having recently reviewed the past year, our intrepid engineer now tackles forecasting the hot topics of the year ahead.

2021-12-23 - Brian Dipert

Pixel smartphone progressions: Latest offerings and personal transitions

With less than six months of guaranteed support left on his current devices, the author plans his next Android smartphone.

2021-12-16 - Giovanni Di Maria

Physics hidden in coffee maker

Let’s examine the secrets of physics hidden in the creation of espresso.

- Brian Dipert 

Teardown: Indoor security camera with embedded web server

That all said, cameras with embedded web servers are still conceptually cool. To wit, I thought I’d devote this teardown to the TRENDnet TV-IP551WI, which has some intriguing hardware capabilities...

2021-11-11 - Brian Dipert

Teardown: Pixel Stand offers faster-than-Qi wireless charging for (some) Google fans

Google-branded phones and wireless chargers that deliver peak recharge speeds only when they're used together.

2021-11-04 - Brian Dipert

Past, present, and future(?) of smart glasses

Smart glasses are becoming thinner and lighter (albeit also more expensive) but this engineer is skeptical they'll ever be anything more than a fad.