2020-05-11 - Brian Dipert

Why the Raspberry Pi 4 should catch your eye

If you’re basing your next system design on the Arm architecture, the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s various boards are an intriguing…

2017-07-19 - David Banas

How to run an IBIS-AMI simulation in PyBERT

How much will it cost to have an IBIS-AMI compliant simulator, which is not only free of any licensing costs,…

2017-07-07 - VeriSilicon

IP core offers 2TFLP compute performance

The Vivante CC8000 IP family delivers 576GFLOPS to 2TFLOPS compute performance for embedded devices.

2017-06-28 - EDN Asia

Expansion shield offers additional I/O functions

The CleOIO-Shield is an input/output expansion shield that connects directly to the NerO system controller board, according to Bridgetek.

2017-06-27 - Rick Merritt

Javascript framework catches on with developers

Facebook's React Native is a single Javascript framework that developers are increasingly using to write programmes for the web, Apple’s…

2017-06-15 - Lauro Rizzatti

Leveraging emulation in SSD development

Hardware emulation solves the difficulties encountered when using FPGA-based prototyping in SSD development.

- Lauro Rizzatti

Dissecting advantages, challenges of SSD

Take a look at the state-of-the-art in solid state drives and the characteristics that set it apart from HDD, and…

2017-05-30 - Ansys

Ansys bags Samsung FinFET certification

The certification and enablement of Ansys solutions is said to help customers develop robust and reliable integrated circuits for high-performance…

2017-05-25 - Vivek Nanda

LabView refresh spawns a next-gen tool

NI has not only updated LabView with a 2017 version but released an "NXG" companion that takes the traditional tool…

2017-05-18 - R. Colin Johnson

MEMS tool unifies design, simulation, test

Coventor has merged its Coventor and MEMS+ tools into a unified platform perfect for IoT makers, according to Steve Breit,…